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Shot of Spirits: Episode 10: Holy Trinity Church, Adelaide, South Australia.

 Shot of Spirits: Episode 10: Holy Trinity Church, Adelaide, South Australia.

Holy Trinity Church on North Terrace, Adelaide was built in 1838.An unknown male parishioner is thought to haunt the church. It is believed he died during an Easter service very early in the Churches history. Every Easter service since, parishioners have heard a disembodied voice, louder than all the rest, shout “AMEN!” at every possible opportunity.The congregation often looks to the direction the booming voice has come from to find no one there at all. Many people thought it was a hoax perpetrated yearly by the same person, but that person could never be identified.

Find out more about this haunting in the book: The Haunts of Adelaide: Revised Edition

Shot of Spirits: Episode 9: Exeter Hotel Adelaide. S.A.

 Shot of Spirits: Episode 9: Exeter Hotel Adelaide. S.A.

“On 18 November 1970 the body of the hotel’s owner, Mrs Joy Josephs, was found in the kitchen and a 30-year-old man trialled and sentenced for her murder. Years later, screams, sighs and a female voice of no known source are often reported as coming from the kitchen by hotel staff. “The Exeter’s reported paranormal occurrences predate Mrs Josephs’ murder, but she’s thought to be behind almost all the spooky goings-on alleged in the hotel today. “Disembodied footsteps and voices are frequently heard throughout all levels of the hotel, while the most often reported phenomena happen near the upstairs hallway where her bedroom used to be situated. “Another common disturbance is the moving of objects – often staff will place an item on a kitchen bench, only to find it’s been moved moments later!”

Read more about this haunting in The Haunts of Adelaide: Revised Edition:

Shot of Spirits: Episode 8: Estcourt House, Grange S.A

 Shot of Spirits: Ep.8: Estcourt House, Grange S.A.

Estcourt House was built at Grange (now Tennyson) in 1883 by Frederick and Rosa Bucknall, the house getting its name from Fred’s middle name ‘Estcourt’. Frederick had married into money, Rosa’s was the widow of beer baron Henry Haussen. Within 3 years Fred and Rosa were facing bankruptcy and had to sell. The AMP bought the house in 1886. In 1892, the James Brown Memorial Trust bought the house and set itself up to help disabled people. In 1931, the home became a TB and polio treatment centre for children run by the Salvation Army. In 1978, the State Government bought the house making it part of the Strathmont Centre. It is now privately owned. Estcourt House has long been alleged to be haunted, but what old house isn\’t? Are there ghosts within its walls? watch to find out… Read more about this haunting in the Haunts of Adelaide: Revised Edition https://www.amazon.com.au/Haunts-Adelaide-History-Mystery-Paranormal/dp/B08JLQLLC5

Shot of Spirits: Episode 6: Brighton Beach and Dunluce Castle

 Shot of Spirits: Episode 6: Brighton Beach and Dunluce Castle

Does the ghost of shark attack victim Kitty Whyte haunt Brighton Beach, South Australia? Does Rev Macully haunted Dunluce Castle, Kitty\’s childhood home…watch to find out.

Read more about this haunting in the Haunts of Adelaide: Revised Edition


A Haunting at the Railway Hotel Peterborough


A Haunting at the Railway Hotel Peterborough

The Railway Hotel is located at 221 Main Street Peterborough, South Australia. It is the third hotel built in the town, opening on 24 December 1891.[1]The first publican was W. Britten.[2]


Railway Hotel 2017 – Source: Bahnfrend CC:

   Sister Beth Ashley was a much-respected nurse. She had worked at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and at St Margaret’s Rehabilitation Hospital at Semaphore. It was while at St. Margaret’s that Ashely met an orderly named William Hyson. Hyson had come to South Australia from Tamworth, New South Wales. Ashley and Hyson had started dating, but after a short while, Ashley called off their relationship.[3]

 Ashley had become a nursing sister at the Peterborough Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital in South Australia’s mid-north. On March 21, 1949, Ashely received a phone call from Hyson telling her he was coming to Peterborough to see her. Ashley became upset and told him not to come or she would tell the police he was harassing her.

 The following day, March 22, at about 11:25am, Violet Revell, a housemaid at the Railway Hotel, heard two gunshots about 30 seconds apart. Revell reported to her boss, publican Sydney Coombe at about 11:50pm that a woman in an upstairs room was calling out for help. Coombe investigated room 5, and called out to the woman to open the door. She said, “I can’t open the door. I am shot.’ Coombe asked if anyone was with her, to which the woman replied, “Bill.”
Coombe called out for Bill to open the door, which the woman replied, “He can’t”.
Coombe phoned the police.

Mounted Constable E.H. Thom was first on the scene. He opened the door expecting to see evidence of a struggle, but there was none. Sister Ashley, lying on the bed, opened her eyes, and said to Thom, “I was here only two or three minutes when Bill shot me!”.

 Dr A.M. Myers was called. He found Hyson and Ashley both alive and had them rushed to the hospital. Hyson had taken a .22 pistol and shot Ashley, then turned the gun on himself. Hyson died of the self-inflicted wound at 2:15pm that day.[4]
 Ashley was still conscious when the doctor found her. She had a small wound in front of her right ear. Dr Myers decided to operate when condition improved, however, her bleeding was not under control, and she died at 5:40pm.[5]

The coroner, Mr J.S. Bennett ruled at an inquest into the deaths, that it was a murder-suicide by shooting.


   It is alleged, ever since this terrible tragedy, that the Railway Hotel is haunted. Witness’ claim that sometimes a ghostly silhouette of a person is seen in the upper windows of the hotel. Some people claim that they can feel a person sitting on them. Oddly, this happens in room 3, not room 5 where nurse Ashley was shot.[6]

Another ghost reported haunting this hotel is a child who plays in the kitchen.

It is said of the ghost in room 3, that some truckies have rented the room, and have left to sleep in the truck rather than wake up to the ghostly figure sharing the bed with them!

Researched and written by Allen Tiller © 2020

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Photo: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Railway_Hotel,_Peterborough,_2017_(01).jpg