Shot of Spirits: Episode 8: Estcourt House, Grange S.A

 Shot of Spirits: Ep.8: Estcourt House, Grange S.A.

Estcourt House was built at Grange (now Tennyson) in 1883 by Frederick and Rosa Bucknall, the house getting its name from Fred’s middle name ‘Estcourt’. Frederick had married into money, Rosa’s was the widow of beer baron Henry Haussen. Within 3 years Fred and Rosa were facing bankruptcy and had to sell. The AMP bought the house in 1886. In 1892, the James Brown Memorial Trust bought the house and set itself up to help disabled people. In 1931, the home became a TB and polio treatment centre for children run by the Salvation Army. In 1978, the State Government bought the house making it part of the Strathmont Centre. It is now privately owned. Estcourt House has long been alleged to be haunted, but what old house isn\’t? Are there ghosts within its walls? watch to find out… Read more about this haunting in the Haunts of Adelaide: Revised Edition

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