Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats

There are many unexplained phenomena in paranormal and spiritual study. One such phenomenon, “Binaural Beats” has been investigated thoroughly by the CIA and the Monroe Institute, (amongst other credible researchers).
There have been claims this phenomenon can be used to improve people’s moods, help people with learning difficulties to concentrate, and even claims it can lead to different states of consciousness, much like the use of drugs LSD.
Further claims suggest that spiritual enlightenment can be obtained through the use of binaural beats, Astral Travel, Chakra Stimulation, Chi energy, Lucid Dreaming and telepathy are all claimed to be gained, at least temporarily, through the listening of certain “tones.
So, what are Binaural Beats? 
German experimenter, H.W. Dove first discovered binaural beats in 1839.
 Two tones (sound waves) that are very close in frequency (but not exactly the same), are played separately into each ear (one tone in the left ear, the other separately in the right ear). The resulting effect the listener hears is a single tone that varies in amplitude, but is equal to the frequency difference between the two original tones.
 Through various studies, it has been claimed that binaural beats influence on electrical stimulation within the brain. Studies via EEG have shown that the effect may affect states of consciousness.
Various studies have claimed that binaural beats can be used to stop migraines, boost creativity, help prolong concentration and alter the mood. 
The effect has also been dubbed a “digital drug” as some scientist claim similar effects to hallucinogens can be obtained in some people, using the right tones.
 There are claims that the CIA studies into binaural beats were aimed at mind control techniques. Some conspiracy theory claimants believe that binaural beats are subliminally hidden in modern music, and with today wave of headphone-wearing young people, they are unwittingly being led consumerism through the hidden tones. 
 On the opposite side of the argument, sceptics point to the power of suggestion as one cause of the claimed brain activity cited by the Monroe Institute. A Japanese study found great variabilities in results, and concluded, that, although the cerebral cortex may contain more activity whilst listening, the frequency does probably not cause the brain activity itself. (Journal of Neurophysiology 2006)
Whether Binaural Beats can do what it is claimed, some ghost hunting teams are beginning to use the phenomena to help with their ghost hunting investigations. They begin with a meditative session of Binaural Beats to help “open their senses” before entering the location, in the hope that the frequency attunement will lend to gathering paranormal evidence. 
 While there is no real reason the “beats” will help bring about paranormal evidence, it most certainly can induce an internal environment that leads to “personal experience”, and for some, personal experience is becoming more important than the collection of possible paranormal phenomena and that’s ok. 
So ghost hunters looking to try something different, why not give it a go and see what happens, and if you do have an experience that you feel is significant, head to the “Eidolon Paranormal” Facebook page and tell us about it!
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