The Australian Flying Saucer Club

The Australian Flying Saucer Club
A week before the first atomic bomb test explosion on Australian soil in 1953 Frederick Stone had an experience with that UFO’s he witnessed flying over Adelaide, South Australia.
 Mr Stone witnessed what he described as 5 cigar-shaped objects that were not human in origin. He could clearly see humanoid “figures” inside each craft as they flew past.
 This led Mr Stone to found South Australia’s very first UFO interest and investigation group “The Australian Flying Saucer Club”.
In an effort to build friendships interstate, Mr Stone affiliated with a Sydney based group known as the “Australian Saucer Bureau”, founded by Edgar Jarrold
 Mr Stone became the South Australian Branch President, leaving his own club to fold, however, Mr Jarrold, based in New South Wales not very forth coming with information, so Mr Stone decided to move on from the club and form another new one, “The Australian Flying Saucer Research Society”

In next weeks blog we will take a look at this research society that has been going for more 50 years in South Australia!

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