Subterranean Adelaide Part 4 Escape Tunnels

Subterranean Adelaide Part 4
Escape Tunnels
In the least three chapters of this series we have explored tunnels, basements and a train underpass that we know through public record definitely existed or exist, but there has always been plenty of rumour about other man-made tunnels stretching underneath Adelaide.

There has long been rumour of a series of tunnels designed and constructed by Sir Colonel William Light, the architect of Adelaide. It is estimated these tunnels began to be dug as early as 1936, but their entrances were closed off to hide them from the public. The entrances were supposed to be set in Victoria Square, Light Square, Hindmarsh Square, Hurtle Square and Whitmore Square, as well as under the cities major banks.
These tunnels were reportedly constructed as a means to escape the city if their was ever an military invasion. When one considers that Adelaide’s beautiful parkland’s that surround the city were in actual fact a military design in themselves, being a little longer than the average length a rifle could shoot a bullet in the 1840’s, then there is, perhaps, some possibility of escape tunnels being present, where exactly they would go to would be anyone’s guess.
There has also long been a rumour, now confirmed of an old service tunnel under the Advertiser building which was most likely used to allow entry to various basement level storage and printing areas.
There is also a long held belief amongst the Adelaide Urbex explorers that there is an entry tunnel in in the east end park lands, near the small lake, one underneath Old parliament House which allowed politicians to travel to the train station unseen, and another under the Keswick Army Barracks, that goes to places unknown.

Do any or all these tunnels exist, that I cannot answer, but possibly someone out there reading this may have experienced some of them for themselves, if you do have a subterranean story of Adelaide, concerning man-made tunnels (and not the various storm water drains, aqueducts and water outlets) please feel free to tell us your story, or post photos below, here, or on our facebook page at

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